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Alpina Black Dial iii2257. Aero Black Dial Manual Wind

Alpina Black Dial iii2134. Alpina Black Dial Manual Wind

Alpina SS Manual iii2222. Alpina SS Manual Wind

Alpina SS Manual iii2256. Alpina SS Manual Wind

Alpina SS Luminous iii2246. Alpina SS Manual Wind Luminous Dial (sold)

Masonic Anonymous iii2269. Antique Masonic Anonymous Manual Wind

iii2158. Anonymous Silver Antique Watch

Arsa Braille gf iii2197. Arsa Braille Watch for Blind People, Gold Filled Case

Arsa Braille ss iii2198. Arsa Braille Watch for Blind People, Steel Case

Avaloniii2106. Avalon (Fortis) 14k

Bina Diver's Watch iii2204. Bina Automatic Diver's Watch

Bulova SS Autoiii2114. Bulova SS Automatic

Bulova SS Autoiii2199. Big 70ies Bulova SS Automatic

iii22. CAL-MAX "Reservomatic"

iii2248. Elegant SS Candino Manual

iii2252. SS Candino Diver's Automatic

iii2253. SS Caunymatic Diver's Automatic

iii2260. Certina "Labora" Manual Wind Black Dial

iii2258. Certina "Labora" Manual Wind Grey Dial

iii2223. SS Certina Auto

iii2108. SS Certina DS Automatic, Black Dial, Date

iii2259. SS Certina DS Automatic, Blue Dial, Date

iii2116. SS Certina DS Automatic, Green Dial, Day/Date

iii2192. SS Certina DS Automatic, Black Ring, Date

iii2146. SS Certina DS Automatic, Date

iii2182. SS Certina DS Automatic, Date

iii2233. SS Certina Manual Wind

iii2118. SS Certina "Town+Country" Automatic

iii2138. SS Certina "Town+Country" gf Automatic

Certina Bristoliii2243. Certina "Bristol 190" Stainless Steel Manual Wind

iii2239. SS Certina "Waterking 275" Blue Dial Automatic

iii2240. SS Certina "Waterking" Black Dial

Cortebert GF Manual iii2261. Cortebert Gold Filled Manual

Cortebert SS Manual iii2267. Cortebert SS Manual

Cortebert iii294. Cortebert Braille Watch for Blind People (sold)

iii13. Croton Automatic

iii2135. Dalil Moslem Watch (this one is sold, I have 1 more with slightly different dial, please ask if interested)

Dianaiii192. Unique Princess Diana & Prince Charles Mechanical Wristwatch

Delba Chronographiii260. Delba 2 Register Chronograph

EB Day Dateiii2177. Eagle Early LED Quartz

EB Day Dateiii2125. EB TV-Sized Manual Wind

Eterna Manual Dinneriii2211. GF Eterna Manual Wind Dinner Watch

Eterna-Matic SS Dateiii2224. SS Eterna-Matic

Eterna-Matic SS Dateiii2225. SS Eterna-Matic

Eterna-Matic SSiii2183. SS Eterna-Matic

Eterna-Matic Gold Cupiii2213. Eterna-Matic Gold Cup

Eterna-Matic Red Dialiii2212. SS Eterna-Matic Red Dial

Eterna Manual Gold Cupiii2215. Gold Cup Eterna Manual Wind

Eterna Manual 2iii2104. SS Eterna Manual Wind Center Second Hand

Eterna Art Decoiii2157. SS Eterna Manual Wind Art Deco (sold)

iii27. Eterna-Matic Stainless Steel

iii2263. Eterna "Kontiki" Manual

iii275. Early Eterna Automatic 1

iii276. Early Eterna Automatic 2

iii188. Felca Manual Wind Black Dial (sold)

iii2238. NOS Felca Manual Wind (sold)

Fortis SS Autoiii2170. SS Fortis 70ies (sold)

Fortis Manual Black Dialiii2262. SS Fortis Manual Black Dial

Fortis Manual Black Dialiii2264. SS Fortis Manual Green Numerals

Fortis Manual Ovaliii2265. SS Fortis Manual Oval Dial

Fortis SS Auto 2iii2194. SS Fortis Automatic

Fortis SS Auto 2iii2210. SS Fortis Manual Exclusive Green Dial

GP SS Autoiii2193. SS Girard Perregaux "Gyromatic"

GP SS Autoiii2203. SS Girard Perregaux "Gyromatic" Luminous Hands & Numerals

GP SS Autoiii2236. SS Girard Perregaux "Gyromatic" Red Second Hand

GP SSiii2179. SS Girard Perregaux Manual Wind

GP SSiii2234. Slim Glycine Dinner Watch

Gruen Precisioniii2241. Gruen Precision gf (sold)

Gruen Autowindiii2266. Gruen Autowind gf

Gubelin Automaticiii2153. Gubelin Automatic Date

Gubelin Square GFiii2256. Gubelin Square GF Manual Wind

Gubelin Ipso-Dayiii2226. Hamilton Curved Case

Heinzelmann Art Deco iii2244. Heinzelmann Art Deco Black Dial

Helvetia iii2202. SS Helvetia Manual Wind "Jubile 75"

Henry Moser iii2105. SS Henry Moser & Cie. Manual Wind

iii2206. Indus Wrist Alarm

iii2227. Jobina GF Automatic

iii2229. Jobina SS Automatic

iii120. Juvenia Bumper Automatic

Juvenia SS Manualiii2200. Juvenia SS Manual

iii2207. Lanco Wrist Alarm

iii2230. Kordeuter SS Manual Wind

Lemania iii287. Lemania Manual Wind

Lemania iii2174. Limat Jumping Hour Automatic (sold)

Longines Conquest Manualiii2139. Longines "Conquest" Stainless Steel Manual Wind

Longines Jamboree Manualiii2245. Longines "Jamboree" Stainless Steel Manual Wind

Longines SS Manualiii273. SS Longines Manual Wind II (sold)

Longines SS Art Decoiii2254. SS Longines Art Deco (sold)

Longines Admiraliii2119. SS Longines Admiral 5 Star Automatic Black Dial (sold)

Longines Admiraliii2214. SS 70ies Longines Admiral Automatic Blue Dial

Longines Admiraliii2122. SS Longines Admiral 5 Star Automatic (sold)

Longines Day Dateiii2169. 80ies SS Longines Automatic Black Dial

Longines Ultra gfiii277. GF Longines "Ultra-Chron"

Longines Ultra gfiii2123. SS Longines "Ultra-Chron" III

Lord Elgin 14kiii256. Lord Elgin 14k

Marvin SS Manualiii2268. Big SS Marvin Manual

iii149. Marvin Rectangular

iii2111. SS Marvin "Hermetic" Black-Grey Dial

Marvin Black Dialiii170. Marvin "Hermetic" Military Style

iii2192. SS Mido Bumper Automatic

iii2191. 70ies TV Shaped SS Mido Automatic (sold)

iii2159. GF Mido Multifort Powerwind

iii2190. GF Mido Multifort Powerwind, Date

iii2188. GF Mido Multifort Powerwind

iii2185. SS Mido Multifort Powerwind

iii2160. SS Mido Multifort Powerwind

iii2161. SS Mido Multifort Manual Wind

Mido Black Dialiii2176. SS Mido "Ocean Star Powerwind" Automatic Black Dial

Mido OS Black Dial Dateiii2242. SS Mido "Ocean Star Powerwind" Automatic Black Dial with Date

Mido GF Autoiii269. Mido "Ocean Star Powerwind" GF

Mido GF Autoiii2143. Milus Automatic GF

Mido GF Autoiii2187. Milus SS Manual Wind

Musetteiii295. Musette "Resist" Manual Wind

Musetteiii2217. Musette "Resist" Manual Wind II

Musetteiii2217. Musette SS Manual Wind

Nivada Automatic Day Date iii2102. Nivada Automatic Day Date

iii2336. Omega Geneve SS Automatic

iii2235. Omega SS Bumper Automatic

Omegaiii2166. SS Opus Manual Wind

iii2208. Orator Wrist Alarm

Buhre Chrono iii284. Paul Buhre Chronograph

Paul Jobin SS Manual iii2228. Paul Jobin SS Manual

iii2127. Perfecta SS Manual

iii2218. Pronto SS Automatic

iii2209. Pontiac Wrist Alarm

iii2163. Rado "Purple Gazelle" Auto

iii2172. Rado "Green Horse" Auto

iii2148. Striking Record Automatic (sold)

iii2237. NOS Recta SS Manual

Roameriii2154. GF Roamer Black Dial Manual Wind

Roameriii2219. SS Roamer "Searock" Manual Wind

iii2149. Swatch Daley Thompson Olympic Special Edition Chronograph

Technos SS Green Dial Auto iii2255. Technos Green Dial 70ies Automatic

iii2129. Tissot Seastar SS Automatic

iii2220. Tissot GF Manual Wind (sold)

iii2232. Tissot "Seastar" SS Automatic

iii2272. Tissot SS Manual

iii2168. Tissot Seastar SS Automatic Black Dial

iii2181. Tissot SS Bumper Automatic Black Dial

iii2249. Tissot SS Manual Wind

iii2250. Tissot Visodate SS Manual Wind

iii292. Tissot Seastar Automatic Stainless Steel

iii2221. Tissot Seastar Automatic Stainless Steel II

iii2107. Turler Automatic Stainless Steel

iii2270. Universal Square Stainless Steel

iii2173. Velis LED Watch

Wittnauer 24 Hoursiii2201. Wittnauer Automatic with 24 Hour Dial

Xeno iii291. Xeno Manual Wind

iii232. Rare Zenith Manual Wind

Zenith Stainless Steel Manual Windiii2251. Zenith 40ies Stainless Steel Manual Wind

Zenith 70ies Autoiii2152. Zenith 70ies Automatic (sold)

Zenith Sportoiii237. Zenith "Sporto"

Zenith Sporto IIiii210. SS Zenith "Sporto" II

Zenith SS Manualiii2156. SS Zenith Manual Wind

Zenith SS Auto Dateiii2184. SS Zenith Auto with Date

Zenith SS Auto Dateiii2271. SS Zenith Manual Wind

Zenith Pilotiii2164. SS Zenith Manual Wind

Zenith SS Autosportiii2205. SS Zenith Auto-Sport SS Date (sold)

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